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In wonderful environment completed with all necessary offers around a successful holiday, our company had build apartments named „Ruzmarin“. In Rogoznica (Croatia) a high category settlement is created for guests with a exceptionally taste. It includes a restaurant & a diving club.

Built under the leadership of specialists who understand to combine the guests wishes with the special quality of the environment without changing the beauty of nature to keep it for future generations. At the moment the settlement is ready to accommodate 200 guests in rooms or bungalows. Quite near the apartments the pizzeria named "Dišpet" is placed which is a forerunner for future culinary offers.

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Rogoznica is located between Sibenik and Split. Because of its advantageous location visitors are able to use the preferences of both places. Rogoznica is within easy reach on well developed routes. For your guidance a great number of signposts will help. Moreover the international airport of Split lies only 18,5 miles away and also the harbour is just 31 miles away from Rogoznica.